Posted: July 18, 2012 in Industrial, Shadows
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Storage tanks in an industrial part of town. I always am vaguely uneasy when I’m out there taking pictures. Nothing but tanks and tankers, chain link and barbed wire. Lots of railroad tracks. No random cars and rarely a human in sight.  (Toyota Camry: Not the vehicle of choice out here. )  Each time, I’m pretty sure that bad-ass security guys who talk into their watches are going to come rolling out and accuse me of violating Homeland Security regs.

Probably wishful thinking, as in “I wish I actually looked dangerous.” I suspect the only time I look dangerous is when the person in  front of me waits until the total bill is announced and THEN  begins to search for exact change.  I have perfected the “Glower of Death” for those folks.

Meanwhile, everytime I process pictures in this group, I start to hum THAT SONG and then I’m stuck. You know the one: everyone’s go-to tune when you pick up a guitar in a music store. I’m trying to replace it with “Tanks for the Memory,” but it just isn’t going to happen.


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