Posted: July 31, 2012 in Deserted, Details, Doors, Old Houses, Windows
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My driver and I have an agreement: I have to stay on the road no matter how deserted a property might appear. He’s pretty sure bands of feral dogs will explode out of the barn and eat me while I am busy checking the lighting and his way means I will have a chance to bolt back to the car just ahead of the slavering hoardes.  I regularly accuse him of being a little girl, but  I am secretly relieved for the excuse to stay on the road or at least in the ditch.  I know that each and  every deserted site contains an open well that I will fall into while setting up the perfect shot. Cue Timmy and Lassie.

This uniting of our two Fear Closets works for us. Score after many years of roaming the countryside: no feral critter foot races, and no freefall well incidents.

Fast forward to a sideroad in Shawano County and I am loving this farmhouse. This time,  I am literally hanging out of the car window with my camera because the house is very close to the road and ‘way to the back of the property, there are a couple of old trucks that might still be functional.  I decide to err on the side of caution.

There are maybe twenty things I’m trying to capture here, but mostly I want the window in the upper left: there’s a pile of mattresses visible and that’s pretty intriguing no matter what the rest of the place looks like. I’m ready to break the “no approach” rule when in the distance, a dog barks.

Okay–enough for today.

Back on the highway, I’m already reviewing my shots because–yes, I’ll say it: delayed gratification is not one of my strengths. So that’s when I actually see the windows on the right side of the house and realize that a) they are both open and 2) there are big box fans set up there.

Hmmmmm….something to be said for that caution thing.

  1. Sue G. says:

    Plus it’s kind of creepy that the window to the left of the upper box fan window looks like it has a giant human profile in it. Hmmm….

  2. I agree with Sue yes looks like a profile in that window and in the window with the mattresses I think it looks like a person in a white shirt.

  3. Pat I like your blog page – but I find the white copy hard to read on the black. I suggest a fatter font, so it would be larger and whiter.

    • I agree with you and am trying to figure out how to improve that. With this version/style, this is the font I get, though Ican change the color of the letters. On my Kindle Fire, the blog comes through in a traditional white background and I think I might like that better. Thanks…that’s nudging me to the white.

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