Posted: August 14, 2012 in Architecture, Bridges, Green Bay, Photography
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I love bridges or to be more precise, I love the underside of bridges. There is an incredible feeling of power that surrounds the structure itself: strong, solid and rising up into the sky.  Up top are all the lights and bling and action-packed moments. Down below, it’s all about the job of holding up the world. Not so much for glamour, but it’s the part I find most beautiful.

I like that it is cool and shaded.

Lots of people up on top. Underneath–not so many. 

This afternoon, I went looking for some good bridge.   I’ve not been to this particular spot before and it turned out to be a fine choice.  Relatively quiet. One homeless guy wandered off when I got there, so I had the place to myself. He probably likes the space for the same reason I do and I’ll bet he returned when I was safely out of the way.

 I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

A crack in the sky

Looks like up to me

Sign of the times

Pipe dreams

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