Posted: August 28, 2012 in Bridges, Fox River, Green Bay, Photography, Reflections, Structures, Water
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When I told my son I was going out on a shoot recently, he didn’t ask where I was going, but he did tell me to watch out for goats and trolls.

I guess my bridge-obsession is showing.

I’ve been returning to this particular location every few weeks because…well, I think there’s one picture here that’s patiently waiting for me to uncover it. I haven’t found it yet, but I am willing to keep looking.

The first time I went off the trail and down to the shore under the bridge, I was feeling all National Geographic Explorer and sort of skid-climbed down clutching all my gear and hoping I didn’t end up dislocating my fanny.

Oh yeah…I still got it. Not easy to strut carrying camera and tripod and all, but I gave it my best shot.

A few weeks later, I discovered that if I stay on the trail for another 20 feet, there is a perfectly adequate footpath down to the water.

Whatever. Don’t mess with my dreams.

I love the curve to this structure and I keep playing with how best to capture it. These shots are all similar–I’m moving around to change the angles. As much as I like what I’ve done so far, I’ll keep going back until I get the big “Ping!” in my chest and my hair bursts into flame.

Which actually leads me to another shelf in my Fear Closet.  I’ve seen cigar butts on the ground under the bridge, so I keep wondering:  if someone threw a cigar out the window while they are whizzing across the bridge at 65 mph, could said butt go over the railing, score a direct hit and cause my hair to literally burst into flames?


Let’s look at the pictures, shall we?

Long curve

All of these are taken on the east side of the river, looking up at the eastbound lanes.

This last one is my favorite so far. More organic.

  1. Pat,
    I love your eye. I wish I could find my creative nitch. Betsy

  2. Patricia says:

    Betsy: Thank you so much. I really really really appreciate your note.

  3. Very nice, have passed over this bridge many times in my travels in Northern WI

    • Patricia says:

      Thanks, Richard. The last time I was down taking pictures under this bridge, I came up and drove across to Ashwaubenon. It was actually nervous-making to be on top of the bridge after just having walked around below!

  4. Tammy says:

    The last one is my favorite as well. I never realized how lovely the lines of that bridge were. How differently we all see the world…

    • Patricia says:

      Thanks, Tammy–that’s because we’re usually driving like mad to get where we’re going–the bridge is generally just a way to get us there. Yeah…I think I have a little bridge-crush going on!

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