For days, I studied the Weather Channel app on my iPod, waiting waiting waiting for the promise of a sunny no-clouds low-to-no wind morning and on Monday, finally scored on all counts.  By 8 a.m., I was under the bridge.

This time I was looking  for bridge reflections. I ended up with two very  different styles, so today:  Shadowplay between the bridge and the water.

The Fox River continues to be a most eye-poppingly brilliant green. Because I wanted to concentrate on lines and shadows and the geometry of some of these images, I’ve either converted my pictures to black and white, or desaturated to the point that there is little color. I really didn’t want you to be considering the image only to be interrupted by that voice in your head (yeah, THAT voice) hollering “Holy Mother of Pearl! That water is sooooo crazy green!”

The water wasn’t crystal quiet and flat, which gave a nice zig-zaggy pattern to edges.

As I’ve been playing with these images, I keep thinking they would look good printed on a pearl metallic paper, really making the water pop.

Next post: full-color reflections, no more of that artsy stuff. I’m talking smoke stacks, semi-trucks and the Fox River in its full head-twirling  green glory.

( Whoa. Just writing that made me want to scratch and spit with manly enthusiasm.)


  1. Kathie says:

    Incredible photography. You have the eye.

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