Back under the bridge, this time in full glorious color.

Thought you might like to see a long shot of the structure that I keep going on about. This shot was taken at about 8 a.m.  No clouds, very little wind.

I’m standing in the mud on the east bank of the Fox River, looking toward downtown, risking my very life in order to get these shots.

(I am no longer concerned over that whole stray-cigar-igniting-my-hair issue while I am mucking about under the bridge. Seriously…I’ve moved beyond that.)

You see,  there’s no actual shoreline available once you move out from under the bridge. No…as I pick my way carefully through the mud and offal, grabbing on to wierd swamp grass in order to keep my balance,  I realize that the danger I face comes in the form of hidden quicksand pools. Pools that have the potential to suck my entire body and a bag full of photo gear right down into the bowels of the earth with nary a bubble left to mark my disappearance.

I haven’t seen any of these Pools o’ Death yet nor have I heard of any quicksand-related incidents along the Fox, but that merely underscores the whole fraught-with-danger vibe I’m feeling: by the time I recognize one, it will be too late.

Anyway…I love this next picture. The bridge and reflection package combine to create a kind of Star Wars/scary war machine robot/mechanical legs illusion.

Giant robot war machine legs

Or perhaps……the legs of the really big troll who lives under the bridge?

As I started looking for great reflections, I found the traffic up top to be a real annoyance. I’m all lined up and some truck is moving up the bridge, eating up all sorts of time and I’m waiting and I’m grumbling and I’m waiting and then…Duh! Lightbulb moment! Why not fold the big vehicles into the pictures?

And so we have this shot:

Blue sky, yellow bus

Kind of fun. Now…what if you flipped one of these reflections? You’d get something like this:

Red dream truck

A real troll’s eye view of the world, don’t you think?

  1. David says:

    To the Troll in all of us, even if it means standing on our heads once in a while!

  2. Awesome. What an eye and I still enjoy your wit.

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