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Broad side of the barn

Some posts back, I laid out the rules that my driver and I abide by as we wander the countryside: I can get out of the car, but can’t wander onto private property to take pictures. Driver fears Feral Dogs and Well-Armed Heathens, though in the spirit of full disclosure, I believe that he and I are Heathen Party faithfuls.   My fear is the abandoned well that I will tumble into right after the rusted barbed wire tangles around my feet. Driver remains in the car at all times, motor running, ready to tear off at the first sign of hounds or heathens.

This past Sunday, we shattered ALL of those rules and lived to tell of our adventure.

We saw a barn that was beautiful beyond words: huge and made of massive gray cedar logs that had been cut on the property,  probably before the Civil War. Said barn is more down than up at this point with a sagging swayback roof and blue sky visible from many angles. As we drove slowly by, me drooling on the car window as I am seized by fullblown Barn Lust, we saw a man working in the yard.  Dang it. Two big dogs running around, unchained.  Whoa. We stopped out of sight, just past the barn , looked at each other and shrugged. The rules are VERY specific in cases like this.

Except…oh my gosh…what a terrific building…

Dennis (retired law professor) gave us the history of the barn and its construction and impending destruction,  his wife Laura (oil painter) toured us through her studio in the converted granary, and the dogs (German Shorthairs) just hung out and waited to be loved. When we left, we’d been treated to warm conversation, some of their Sweet Sixteen apples and the only shots fired had been with my Canon. I have maybe 100 incredible shots of the exterior of the barn.

We are currently reconsidering the rulebook.

  1. Kathie says:

    What an incredible story. As you know, my love has always been old barns and farms. Now I can live that dream through your eyes.

    • Patricia says:

      Kathie–Thanks again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. The weekend was nothing but pictures, so I should have enough barn posts to keep you happy for a while!

  2. Just went thru all your posts for the first time. Really great stuff. Great eye and wit. Look forward to a lot more.

  3. jlheuer says:

    Great shots. I was hoping for a story where you’ld start sneaking around just out of sight of the man and dogs and take covert shots but this was much better.

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