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A parent-teacher-student conference, with Mom and I pressing young Daniel on his poor performance in my World History class. “Well,” says Daniel, chin jutting skyward, “I didn’t flunk this class. I got a D-.”

“Oh, Hon,” I said, totally taken aback.  “That was just an F with lipstick.”

I hadn’t thought of that incident in a long time, but the quick lipstick makeover idea popped into my head as our weekend Barn Binge Photo Tour was winding down.  Shortly after leaving the incredible barn featured in my last post, I was slumped sort of glassy-eyed in my seat, utterly sated by the richness of the building I’d just photographed.  Four more barns could have walked right into the middle of the road and I would have waved them off with an indolent flick of my wrist.

Until, of course, this beauty popped up.

Driver was incredulous. “Did you see that?”

This was a cartoon four-eyeball pop, complete with the “Boing!” sounds.

Too small to be a barn.  Maybe a milkhouse or even an original cabin on the property. But old old old. You can see by the construction that it might well be as old as the barn I’d just shot. Someone (very long ago by the state of the paint) decided that maybe their old log building would be far more attractive with a coat of some barn-red paint.

This building is actually the polar opposite of Daniel’s “F-with-Lipstick.” Here we have lots of beauty weirded up by a misguided attempt to throw a little glam on the old gal.

I cropped one shot to feature the window and I am delighted with the effect:  Adrenaline-Based Wabi Sabi, with a side order of Voodoo.

I would like to enter the window shot in an upcoming juried art show, but I’m thinking that any juror would decide this is a cheesy low-rent attempt at drama. “Seriously? You photoshopped this gorgeous old building RED? Are you insane? Why didn’t you just leave it as it was?”

Sigh. Life-Art. Art-Life.

  1. The residue of someone’s care long ago is powerful. Don’t worry about it being called low rent drama. It is what it is, a rich and meaningful capture of something important to a life lived long ago.
    Great photos.

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you, Warren. Doesn’t it make you wonder about the mindset of the painter? Maybe they wanted to hide just how old the structure was?

      • If the paint is not residue from a long time ago, which I thought it was from the photo, and instead is by someone more recent, then, yes, I wonder what he/she was thinking. Not, I think, a cover up , but more likely a kind of expressive adornment.

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