Yesterday’s post was a quick history of the Zippin Pippin, Green Bay’s wooden roller coaster with Elvis Presley connections. I wanted to give some big context shots first, then zero in on construction details from under the Pippin.

Today, I offer the details with little narrative. (I say that now, but I’ll be inserting opinions as I go…can’t help myself.)

Choosing which pictures to share turned out to be far harder than I thought. I was looking for lines, for angles, wood grain, metal plates, bolts,  and the Zippin Pippin site provides all of that and more.

I really like this next one: wood, bolts, angles ? Check.  A nice bit of internal curve? Check.  For a bonus: a shot of the tracks tucked in the center.

The final picture is so different from all the rest of the Pippin pics, I had to include it. I think it could stand nicely on its own.

You know this is part of a roller coaster, but a casual viewer wouldn’t.

Shooting pretty much right into the sun blew out the background, which I didn’t mind and I chose to keep the little sun flare in the right hand corner simply because I liked it.

I realized that I have a whole sub-set of ZP shots: shooting straight up into the scaffolding and the sky beyond creates some really interesting pictures. I’ll gather those for a future post.

  1. so fragile looking yet…I can feel this thing vibrating as it carries its screaming load. You’ve captured something quite amazing with these shots.

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