So…I do a couple of things to keep myself in photo equipment: I  substitute teach and I work as a university supervisor for student teachers.

Think of me as a ronin.

This semester I have a student teacher about 50 miles north of here and on Monday, I made my first visit to her high school. Got there at high noon, drove around and Shazam! Look what sits smack dab in the middle of town! And, hey! I have time to take some pictures before my appointment.

I am well aware that this was shot poorly and with distortion –I had to stand in the middle of a gas station across the street to get any sort of shot at the name on top, but the brickwork makes me (almost) swoon with joy, so here it is.

I’m zipping around the building, dressed like a total Professional Grown-Up, when I wade into taller grass to catch this backside of a neighboring building:

Immediately, I am having a poking scratching DAMMIT!  experience which can be blamed on the 80-zillion miniature burrs aggressively clutching my totally professional grown-up pants and tasteful and understated socks. Seriously: these are a tiny fiendish and razor-like mutation which might only exist in that particular empty lot.

And I am wearing a blanket of them from the mid-calf down.

Flesh-rending burrs cannot be removed with your bare fingers, but a hand towel found in the trunk worked wonders.

Rolled into the high school with milliseconds to spare, a Professional Grown-Up.

I thought I’d share some of the Big Picture shots of the building in this post and follow up with more detailed close-ups tomorrow. The building is deserted and,  while I know nothing of the history of the Farmers Brewing Company, I’ll bet those hellish burrs played a part in driving them out of business.

I can get lost in all of the lines and angles of this last shot:

  1. Sherry says:

    shazam is right- great one!

  2. Some buildings make great ruins. Love the brick, its texture, color, the way the wood doors and windows relate to the brick. Look forward to your next series.
    Also, from someone who knows all too well, you have my sympathies regarding your burr encounter.

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you–I keep staring at the brick thinking “Well, that just can’t be real. Can it?”
      But it is. I go back for another observation at the end of October and I’ll do a repeat visit to the brewery when I’m there.
      What a tenacious plant that is–despite my vigilance, one lone burr made the 50-mile trip back and somehow ended up in my house. I’m giving it points for effort.

  3. jlheuer says:

    Great find. I especially like the doors to nowhere.

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