Posted: September 28, 2012 in Architecture, Bricks, Deserted, Details, Doors, Industrial, Photography, Structures, Windows
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Yesterday, the Big Picture. Today, details, details, details.

Monday was a brilliantly sunny day and the first set of pictures I took were at 12:00 noon, creating all sorts of interesting exposure problems with deep shade and bright skies, but there were benefits as well. All of those windows had weird and funky insulation/covering/backing, but the reflected blue sky intensified the colors. I did return to the building around 3:00 for a second go-round. These pictures (and yesterday’s as well) are a mix of both sessions.

 I have played with sharpness (intensifying), exposure (compensating) and a little bit with saturation (sparingly) but otherwise these are pretty accurate to what I saw. The bricks, the wood and the windows are just plain beautiful and there is no need to mess with that.

Click on the window shot above for a larger version.  It really should be viewed at this size.

  1. marty says:

    What terrific shots of wonderful old buildings.

  2. jlheuer says:

    Love the first one. Looks like a fabulous quilt.

  3. My imagination is engaged. Find myself pondering the purpose suggested by some of those details. A peek into someone’s thinking process that was influenced by the available technology back then.

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