Posted: October 7, 2012 in Details, Photography, Red, Reflections, Water
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One more set of pictures from the gardens at the Paine.

There was a small (maybe 6 feet across) pond in one part of the garden that had pretty much given up for the season.  I circled it relentlessly, intent on getting exactly the right sky/plant/water/cloud combination.

At one point, I decided that the scene was crying out for a bit of color. Perhaps a red accent leaf?

You need to understand that the gardens are deserted but for fellow photog Tammy who is somewhere out of sight and crawling around in search of her own perfect shots. No matter. Feigning innocence (for whom? I might ask,)  I do a herky-jerky Monty Python side-step over to a bush with red leaves, reach down, snap off a leaf and then do my Monty Python dance back to the pond. Look around, try for angelic but succeed at imbecilic,  pop the leaf into the water.

Yeah, it landed upside down. You could probably see that one coming.

Furthermore, it kept floating into what would have been some pretty good pictures if not for the red leaf.

Stupid red leaf

 I finally fished it out and ended up with several shots that I was quite happy with. (Please note: The green leaf was not planted, but wandered in of its own accord.)

 I told Tammy my red leaf story when we caught up with each other in another corner of the garden. Her response was to point at a wrought iron bench.

Tammy’s red flower, artfully arranged

And this is why Tammy and I do photo shoots together.

Coming soon! A deserted mine shaft, treacherous waterfalls, a bridge in the fog, more falling-down houses and other souvenirs of a trip “‘up north.”

  1. Love the 2nd image.
    The red leaf in the first compels a “what if” response. Blocking it out reveals the concealed truth of a gorgeous shot. Red leaf not so stupid.
    I see two contrasting and attractive sides of femininity in Tammy’s photo.

  2. Tammy says:

    That red leaf really didn’t work did it? Loving red as I do, l probably would have done the same thing. Maybe if you converted the picture to b&w, and left the leaf red?
    The 2nd picture is definitely my favorite. Those vibrant greens on top of the lovely reflection, perfect. I would print that one!
    *No plants were harmed on this photoshoot

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