Posted: October 11, 2012 in Deserted, Details, Industrial, Photography, Structures
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Question: Huh?

Answer: A souvenir/reminder of the heyday of ironing mining in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

This shaft is all that remains of the Curry Mine, located in Vulcan, Michigan, an iron ore mine which ceased operations in the late 1940’s.

I include this next picture just to show the sheer surprising size of the structure.


The land all around the shaft is owned by a private (non-mining) firm, but the land within the fence is still owned by the mining company. (And a shout-out to the non-miners is in order. They were just fine with my wandering around on their property in order to take pictures.)

I could not get enough of  the building. The condition of the wood alone was enough to send me into a crazy dance. Let’s not even get started on metal and rust.

It was like “Wabi Sabi on Speed.”

(Yes, I do understand that’s an oxymoron.)

Generally, I try to limit myself to 3-4 photos per blog, assuming that your attention span is as frayed as mine is. There are a few more pictures this time because I just can’t edit out past this point.

In exchange, I won’t chatter while you look.

Though I would like to point out the remnants of red paint that cling to the wood, a fact that just makes my eyeballs joyful.

One more:

An abandoned structure, perhaps, but not deserted. Squatters, unfazed by the hazards of an open shaft,  have moved in and repurposed the building.

  1. marty gallagher says:

    Absolutely wonderful shots!


  2. Exquisite, powerful…iron, concrete, wood, all distressed, all perfectly alive. Love the birds perched on top. Great shots!

  3. jlheuer says:

    Wish we had gone further north.

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