Posted: October 20, 2012 in Architecture, Deserted, Details, Photography, Structures, Upper Michigan
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While Driver is unquestionably a brilliant wheelman, he has other fine qualities as well. One of his strengths is sussing out good photo ops.  On a recent wander, he suggested a trip to Norway Mountain Ski Hill,  in…wait for it…Norway, Michigan.

After an eyeroll, a lip-purse and a deep sigh worthy of Al Gore, I agreed.

I absolutely could not believe what we found. The grounds were wide open and we wandered freely around the property. No fences, no warnings, no menacing signs aimed at trespassers.

No caretakers, no feral dogs and no feral skiiers.

And, although the sky was generally overcast, the brilliant fall foliage did its part to liven things up.

Slightly different viewpoints–I liked both equally.

Loved the two huts as well.

And…I found out where Winter REALLY comes from.

Snow-making machines!

  1. Marjorie says:

    How glorious indeed, to see Norway in full glory, no feral skiers in sight. I especially enjoy the structures seen as linear vocabulary rather than portages to the top of the run. Alas, Norway Mtn. has recently declared bankruptcy, no more black diamond runs for us. You can revisit in its spectacular Winter White any time.

  2. Once again, your amazing sense of color, mood, subject matter are far more than the sum of the parts. Great photos.

  3. marty says:

    Who could believe this is where winter begins?

  4. jlheuer says:

    Really? They had names? Very cool.

  5. David says:

    I love the machines, even if they are named for the lesser gods! And with the bankruptcy, they are reminiscent of the robots that Bruce Dern leaves in charge of the space station greenhouse in Silent Running. One the saddest scenes of 70s movies.

  6. sedge808 says:

    LikE lots….All of tem.

  7. I love the colors and the contrast between the structural (“hard” lifts, lights, huts) and the natural (“soft” landscape). And I’m so jealous that you got to go to and have a town named NORWAY – the land of my ancestors, and one of my favorite countries!

  8. linhartb says:

    Beautiful Fall foliage! I hope to get to upper Michigan someday!

  9. Friends just sent me a newspaper article announcing that Norway Mt will be closed this season. Too bad.

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