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Having read the title to this post, I’ll bet you are already yelling “I know! I know! Wabi Sabi in the Prairie with a macro lens!”

And you would be correct.

I posted earlier that the wind and rain were going to wash any remaining color from the landscape and they did indeed. However, having recently rediscovered my 60mm lens, I wasn’t quite ready to give up on crawling around in the underbrush.

Was I doomed, a Crash Test Dummy with a Camera,  to run heedlessly and headlong into a Wall O’ Brown?

(Are you feeling a certain frisson of fear as you read this?)

Not to worry:  what was lost in the brilliant color department was more than compensated for with an abundance of textures, shadows and forms. New stars stepped up to take their own turns in the spotlight.

The lovely trio above is a collaboration of two goldenrod and one of the myriad variants of Prairie Sunflower that populate this part of the arboretum. (Officially, this section is called the Keith White Prairie.)

I think that the leafy stalks which follow are all goldenrod.

The next gentleman needs to stand alone, regal in golden armor, every inch a nobleman.

*** *** *** ***

A couple of follow-ups:  I drove to Shawano Monday morning  to see my student teacher and I brought my camera so I could revisit the Farmers’ Brewery downtown.

I circled the building a few times (carefully skirting the burr-laced backlot) but as so often happens, I realized that I’d already taken all the exterior shots that I wanted.

So I took myself to lunch. Am I flexible or what?

On my way home, I discovered that there are flash mobs of milkweed dancing exuberantly all along Highway 29.  Patch after patch. Big patches. Appears that this has been a banner year for good old  Asclepias syriaca.

Today was just a veritable carnival of learning.

Now I am going in search of large brick and cement and glass structures, just to balance off the last run of macros.

This will take a few days.


  1. We can all learn from seeing things up close the way you do. I really like the colors and shapes of shots 2-5.
    I’m now looking forward to brick, cement and glass.

  2. What can brown do for you? I mean, what can you do for brown? You did it. Great photos, and I love “flash mobs of milkweed.”

    • Oh, Shazam, Amiable. I cannot believe I did NOT pull out the whole UPS brown motto thing. Sliding in references is almost as much fun as taking the pictures. Thank you–plus I think you offered the nudge to brown in our last exchange.

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