Posted: November 7, 2012 in Deserted, Details, Fog, Green Bay, Photography, Water
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While I had fully intended to follow up yesterday’s post on the windows of Rochester with one more related piece, I am powerless in the face of the mist that blanketed our area today.

I started strong. I had a fully-loaded “To Do” list and left the house at 10 a.m., resolutely ignoring the great fog curling around the house (you go,  Carl Sandburg.) Refused to pack my camera gear so as to not get distracted and make bad decisions: Go to class? Go take pictures? Hmmm…

Checklist wrapped and homeward-bound around 3:00, I drove along the lower road near the Bay and that was it for me. Raced home (fueled by the residuals of the 11 a.m. triple-shot latte) and,  playing the witch-on-a-bike music from Wizard of Oz in my head, grabbed my gear and was back at Communiversity Park in minutes.

What you can see in these shots is the rock and muck near the shore and beyond that, the actual Green Bay itself, fog-shrouded and invisible. Sans fog, you’d be able to see Suamico on the other side of the Bay. You’ll just need to take my word on this.

It’s actually taken me a while to learn how to shoot in the fog and I’m always so delighted when I get it right.

And, once again, I saved my favorite for last.

  1. Fabulous shots! Wonderfully subtle colors. Beautiful.

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