Posted: November 8, 2012 in Fog, Green Bay, Photography, Reflections
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On my way home from shooting trees and fog on the Bay on Wednesday, I couldn’t stop checking out the shoreline. On impulse, I pulled down the road leading to Joliet Park.

Joliet is more of a parkette. Or maybe a pocket park. Mostly, it’s a gravel turn-around at the bottom of a short-but-steep hill that offers no-frills public access to the shore, provided that you’re willing to climb down some rocks and whatnot.

 No one else there–just a pickup and a bike.

Through the trees and brush, I could see a man dressed in camouflage sitting on a chair in the water quite a ways down the shore.

Now, this is just a picky sidebar, but if you are sitting out in the open, surrounded by water, shouldn’t your camouflage theme be fish-based or water colored?

I’m just saying.

Anyway, he’s sitting next to a sandbar and on the other side are a whole mess of ducks.

Tres cool! This guy was undoubtedly the Dr. Doolittle of the migratory fowl world, communing with the birds and filming a duck documentary for the Nature Channel. I scrambled/crawled/worked my way down the embankment to get an unobstructed view of the Duck Whisperer. (And, in the event said DW was hostile to humans, I left my car running and the door ajar. I’m old, but I was pretty sure I had a solid lead on the guy.)

Alas, the Reality Train didn’t even pass within hailing distance of the story I’d woven.

Enter the owner of the bike, a delightful 12-year-old named Alex who set me (politely) straight in a hurry.

Dr. Doolittle wasn’t chatting with the ducks. He wasn’t there to film them.

He was–gasp–an Assassin Most Fowl.

“Then why are all those ducks crowded around him?”

Oops. Those weren’t ducks. They were decoys.

Fine. I’d overlaid the wrong story on this scene but I will stand by the quiet beauty of the picture.

And you need to blow it up quite a bit before you can see the gun.

  1. Fantastic photo, surpassed only by the story. This is publication-worthy.

  2. Tammy says:

    You made my day. I needed good laugh, lovely picture too.

  3. You quacked me up with this post! Great photo – even if he is an Assassin Most Fowl.

  4. jlheuer says:

    Even if you didn’t know he was hunting….you don’t sneak up on nuts sitting in the bay communing with ducks. I love your post and pic but please always wear your running shoes and use looong lenses.

  5. Duck story made my day. Thanks for the laughs. Great picture.

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