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I’m under Minnesota Highway 60 and this bridge spans a road, railroad tracks and a river. If I was pressed to name the river, I would say “Zumbro,” since that is the name of most rivers in eastern Minnesota.

Unless its name is “Mississippi,” of course.

This bridge sang to me so clearly that I was forced to make an unplanned stop and check it out.

Two things: a very clean community here. There was underbridge graffiti, of course, but it was apparently mostly trash-talking between rival Lutheran gangs.  (I felt the Missouri synod group really had some good stuff and most definitely zinged those ELCA guys big time, though dissing Aunt Lena’s jello dish was both hurtful and unnecessary.)

Secondly,  unlike bridges that I like to haunt at home, I had only one opportunity and a sharply limited window to take these pictures. So, I was forced to go with the lighting that was given me: bright gorgeous full sun…grumble grumble grumble. All well and good if you are out and about like regular folk, but not so good if you are a troll and trying to expose for both shadows and brilliance.

In processing the pictures, I’ve decided that the sharp differences turned out to be a good thing and if queried, my story will be that I planned it for exactly these effects.

And I expect you to back me up on that.

I played with the exposure and white balance quite a bit while I was taking these shots, so that in part accounts for the different looks.

The only things I did on the computer to process these pictures was to play with exposure some more (up and down) and clarity (up and down.) And, of course, some cropping to square things up.

And finally:

Because I love the idea of dressing the concrete with a dreamy other-world softness.

  1. Tammy says:

    Amazing bridge, you HAD to stop, regardless of the ligh

  2. Tammy says:

    …light, damn sun. Almost looks computer generated, very cool.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Ahhhhh…so nice to come home to

  4. This would win the “Geometry” Weekly Photo Challenge!

  5. Anne says:

    there is always a tug to enter the defined path and this one has stairs to climb

  6. marty says:

    I can just see a troll a bit out of sight scribbling down Ant Lena’s recipe. Super shots – are you going to do a display or book of these architectural gems?

    • LOVE that visual, Marty…a kind of Maurice Sendak-y troll, right?
      I’m not sure what to do with a growing body of bridge pictures. Two were in the juried show at the Miller (one sold!) and this week I am shipping a big one to Duluth for their Biennial show. Perhaps my children will inherit a fine collection of framed bridge pieces.
      Or…I could leave them all to the Old Trolls’ Home.

  7. Last one really grabs me. Very nice.

  8. Barbara says:

    Looks modern, yet ancient to me-the play of light is hypnotic. Thank you!

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