Holy Mother of Pearl. I don’t know where to begin this particular project.

At one point, I considered asking you all to come over to my house to look at every single picture I took of this feed mill. (I would bake something, of course.)

However,  I realized that this is a terrible time of year to travel and flights are overbooked already, so I’m going to have to do this a little bit at a time.

An abandoned deserted no-longer-functioning feed mill in southeastern Minnesota and it is so beautiful from every side that I feel as though I’ve hit the mother lode no matter where I look.

Here we are, full on. I am going to consider this the front of the building even though it was the last side I saw. There’s a parking lot on the left and we circled the building clockwise ending up at this point.

The next two shots are like gallery pictures displayed on the side of the building.

I have 3 or 4 more posts-worth of pictures from this structure, from full-building shots to close-up details on the metalwork. Whenever I start to work on them, I get full-blown chestal pinging syndrome with a soupcon of sparks: a sure sign that I am  seriously happy.

***   ***   *** 

So…just who is this “we” who were circling the building in a shark-like picture-taking frenzy?.

Meet Carrie. When I asked if she and I could get a little camera time in, she was in the car and gunning the motor while I was still looking for my hoodie.

Any woman who will lay on the railroad tracks WEARING A WHITE VEST (!) so she can get exactly the right angle for a shot gets a lifetime membership in my tribe. Should she and my son ever quarrel, I think I might have to let him go.

  1. jlheuer says:

    I love your writing. If you forgot to add the pictures I would still enjoy your posts.

  2. Once again, you’ve captured something deeper than the surface, as exquisite as that happens to be with this building. These could be in a book and part of every architect’s library.

  3. I second what Jeanne wrote! And I love, love, love the textures and patterns in the photo with the plywood.

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