I love the color red.

Although my wardrobe careens crazily across the entire spectrum of black, I will nonetheless confess that I am helpless when confronted with a pair of red shoes.

Do not look in my closet.

Red leather boots, four red cars and several years when I chose to have red hair: I believe I have established my red bona fides and we can move on to the topic at hand.

At the rear of the Feed Mill of the Gods there is what appears to be an addition to the original structure. I think it is mostly cement block with wood and then some metal siding in places . There’s also a little particle board and plaster happening, probably from later repairs.

Best part? It’s all painted a glorious red. This was a good deep-throated red in its time. As the building began its slow slide into ruin, wood and siding began to peel back, leaving a rich chorus of rough textures and a determined red paint that is just not going to go quietly.

To my eyes, the results looked like a series of glyphs or runes.

You know, legend says that Leif Ericson and his Viking crew pushed westward into Minnesota as they explored this new Vinland.

Maybe these are messages left by long-vanished Norsemen, messages which are only now emerging from beneath the modern covers. Maybe they are summaries of battles, prayers to the gods or perhaps even an ancient Viking “to-do” list:  “Running low on red paint…must find more…”

From the Department of Useless Information:  The Wabi Sabi red shoe gravatar is a detail from the statue of Dorothy in Chicago’s Oz Park.

  1. Jeanne Heuer says:

    Wow, that is RED! Must have been something in its heyday.

  2. Your wabi sabi eye is right on target here. Who else would’ve picked up echoes from such ancient times? And yet, and yet, there they are. Powerful stuff.

  3. Liana says:

    this is gorgeous!! love it!!!

  4. Great shot, and now I can quit wondering about the shoe. 😉

  5. Marjorie says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t come screaming across the street with these! These are “rubicund” reds…. May just get my creative juices revived. Thank you.

  6. David says:

    Thought about you and your elevator as I drove through Halsey this morning, site of my grain elevator from past posts. Very nice exploration of the red!

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