Posted: November 21, 2012 in Brown, Deserted, Details, Fog, Green Bay, Milkweed, Photography, Trees
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The Bay Settlement Sisters of St. Francis own a large chunk of farmland (which they rent out) and a small apple orchard (which they use.)

Their property is a few hundred steps from my front door, so when I woke to fog nuzzling my window, I knew where I wanted to be.

Walk down the path between the rows of trees for maybe half a mile more and you would be standing on the shore of Green Bay.

Now that you have your bearings, I think I can let you be.

And finally, back on Church Road and standing in the ditch:

  1. Jeanne Heuer says:

    We thought of you as the fog rolled in last night. Almost called and said, “Look outside!”

  2. Who needs to look anywhere else for heaven.

  3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t take beautiful photos on a dreary, foggy day. Nunsense!

  4. I was a little concerned–in the first hour after I posted, I had 93 (!) hits from the UK, but no likes or comments. Seriously.
    This led me to wonder if I was under attack by the militant arm of the Nattering Sisters of St Basil, a splinter group that parted ways with the Bay Settlement Sisters in the late 16th century over orchard-based issues.
    But then I thought, no, maybe someone’s keyboard got stuck.

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