Oh Lord, stuck (outside of) Lodi again.

Somewhere on Wisconsin Highway 60 in the more or less general vicinity of Lodi.

Which is my way of saying that I know the highway I was on and the general stretch of that highway and at least one nearby town and after that…not so much.

(I’ve only recently taken to tucking a small red notebook in my gear bag just to note areas I am shooting in. From time to time, I even remember to use it.)

These buildings exercise a particularly powerful pull. There are so many of them huddled together, all in different shapes and sizes and all sporting that brilliant color.

As much as I love shooting pictures like this, I’m always left wondering about the backstory.  Who lived here? Why is the place abandoned?

I wish I had a lens that could move freely through time,  letting me catch the kids and barn cats and women hanging wash who continue going about their business just outside my field of vision.

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Wow! Any ideas why there were so many different shapes to the buildings? The color was beautiful along with the surviving greenery. Abandoned and no one knows why. Perfect spot to tell a story no one has heard before.

  2. Really interesting group of buildings and their voices from another time. I can even hear Ken Burns in the background making his directorial suggestions.
    Nice selection.

  3. sedge808 says:

    Loving this red.
    & the peeling is also good.

  4. Sad but familiar site, so many family farms have ended this way. Great photos.

  5. Ssc says:

    I just loved all of the reds-contrasted with the grays and greens in this particular photo essay.

  6. Anne says:

    outbuildings … have always been a big fan of them and then I built my own

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