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About a year ago, my friends Tom and Gaela let me photograph their family farm and since then I’ve returned several times for more picture-taking.

(They also ply me with home made apple pie and Summer Shandy and cheese and smoked whitefish and much laughter. I return for that part as well. )

This is no longer a working farm (another farmer rents the fields) but they have ATV’s, a garden,  firepit, apple and pear trees and a cat the size of my car. I have formally petitioned them to adopt me. I believe there is an empty bedroom upstairs.

Initially I processed quite a few pictures that I really liked without much additional fussing and have worked on the rest in fits and starts. I’m at them again and will share the results as I go. Today’s offering comes from the inside of the milk house.



I’m feeling pretty inadequate and I wish you could be enjoying these pictures with Tom doing a voiceover. I am neither farmer nor builder and can only share with you what I see. If you walk through with Tom, he points out ax marks on the beams and explains how the buildings were constructed and will even show you some of the old tools the original owners made.

I suggest you petition them to adopt you as well.

But that upstairs room is still mine.



Before Gaela and Tom, this property belonged to the Maves family and Gaela said folks in the area still refer to it as “The Old Maves Farm.”  I thought I would follow suit.

Gaela in the garden

Gaela in the garden

  1. Liana says:

    this is lovingly lovely

  2. Marjorie says:

    The first two images are nostalgic and play at my olfactories…I am a farm girl. The second two are plainly award winners!

  3. Magnificent. I too can smell the hay and mustiness of a barn.
    Light, shadow, texture, color, you captured it all for me.
    Love the first shot most, but the rest almost equally.

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    Great imagery shots in the third and fourth shots. The last shot looks like a framed picture. Old places are o lovely. The pictures made me feel warm and fuzzy. My family had an old farm over by Vulcan. It is still referred to as the old Hupp Farm.. I have never seen it. You now have me wondering what is still there.

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