Monday, Monday was foggy, foggy.

The whole day felt pretty much as though Mother Nature was coming off a long weekend and what should have been a relatively easy task–keeping those clouds all the way up there–was just too too hard for a December morning. And really, do I have to do all the work, all the time here?

As the day went on, whatever energy Mother Nature was able to direct towards Cloud-Hoisting slowly drained away until she finally said “To hell with it” and dropped the whole mess on our heads.

I see that Mom has resumed her duties this morning, though I sense a real lack of enthusiasm in her efforts. It feels like “Fine. I’ll lift the flipping fog, but don’t expect any blue skies from me, you sorry lot.”

***    ***    ***    ***

Actually, I’m a pretty big fog fan and yesterday moved me from the house where there were (shudder) TASKS to contend with and out in search of pictures. I have not been under this bridge for some time now and it seemed like the place to be.


The fog, while not dense, certainly softened the scene.


I played with exposure, lighting  and f stops quite a bit, weighing crisp versus soft and what was it I was trying to capture here? After 10 or 15 minutes, I was approaching “Humph. Not such a great idea after all.”


Then, I quit trying to impose myself on the situation and  let the pictures happen.


Sometimes, the  most creative thing you can do is just get out of the way .

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    These are beautiful. Hope you dressed warmly.

  2. I like the way you’ve captured how the utilitarian, which far too often lands in the trashcan of uplifting human endeavors, and nature come together in ways lost to those who don’t look.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Oh this is beautiful….your introspection, wisdom and surely your imagery. Thank you dear neighbor and friend.

  4. Fantastic perspective, both prose and lens.

  5. Fabulous. It was foggy here as well.

    • Thanks, Betsy. Where do you live? (You’re a “troll” by Michigan definition, right?)
      For the non-Michiganders in the room: Trolls live below the bridge, the Lower Peninsula is “below the bridge,” therefore if you live in Lower Michigan, you are a “troll.” Just a guess here, but I’ll bet a Yooper coined that phrase. And I can explain that one, too, if you need.

  6. more: that white high water mark, especially in the last photo, pulls me into the bigger, unseen context of that place. Really like the last shot – it comes close to poetry.

  7. I keep coming back to these images, I believe it’s time I posted a comment……..Bravo!……These images are amazing…..

    • Well, thank you so much, webgregor! I return to this spot every so often and am never disappointed. And funny you should comment tonight–I’m planning to take a bike ride down in that area tomorrow morning.

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