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There is an abandoned farm around the corner from where I live and I have photographed its exteriors countless times. I’ve always gone by myself and am careful to stand only in the driveway/road area of the farm, held there by my fears of abandoned wells, feral mud swallows and hidden tiger pits.  (Do the math: if I’m alone, who’s going to send Lassie to find Timmy when I’m at the bottom of said well?)

A few days ago, my friend, Marjorie, and I decided to walk over, maybe take a few pictures, but mostly just get out for a little walk before sunset.

I’m snapping away when I hear “Patricia! You must come see this!”

And I see Marjorie slipping through this opening into the barn.

red portal

These shots are from the interior of the barn. I took particular care not to adjust color, saturation or anything that could change the rich quality of light that surrounded us. And whatever I was able to capture, I really have not done it justice.


 The intense golden light outdoors had come in out of the cold and washed the wooden interior of the barn in an incredibly warm glow.

interior 1

Sunset here is around 4:15, so these shots were taken at 3:30 or later.


You can see in this next picture just how low the sun is.


We skirted the edges near the doorways and completely avoided the hay, standing only on bare concrete or rock. (Marjorie and I are Total Rebels, not Total Fools.)

Next time: Wait! There’s more!

  1. David says:

    Can hardly wait for “more”!

  2. Marjorie says:

    You’ve shown me the door; together we discovered the cathedral therein; you found the light through your lens.

  3. Robert says:

    I would say, . . . you are ” Total Rascals”, . . . indeed ! Thank you for sharing the photos !

    Ole-Ret Professor , . . . with perceptive Vision, . . . also !

  4. marty says:

    Love the new pictures, reminds me of my farm of 20 years, now most changed.

  5. Anonymity concealing its momentary golden treasure, its sun dappled forest. Another familiar iconic shape on the landscape. But wait. That gap. The siren song of what lies beyond beckons, seduces. The curious eyes of wondering photographer-minstrels cannot resist. And we out here in distant lands are once again rewarded.
    Wonderful photos!

    • Okay, for starters: You absolutely need to change your gravatar title to “Warren Lawson Poet-Architect”
      Isn’t that amazing–all that beauty hidden in plain sight? I have to get the part 2 pictures ready soon since the sound of “distant voices” is really quite insistent in the next room we explored.
      Thank you!

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