Posted: January 17, 2013 in Photography, Wabi Sabi
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PDerozier_January Downtown_Digital Photography_12x21_entry 3


My Facebook page for Patricia Derozier Photography (see the bottom of this page for a link) is up and, if not running, at least chugging along. (It had been dormant for 6 months.) It did occur to me that with all my concerns about feral dogs and feral mud swallows, I had neglected to fear a feral Facebook page. I have dutifully added it to my list of concerns and am working to keep it from going wild.

The Facebook page has information about shows in which I have had work and two shows (one in Milwaukee and one in Wausau) which open on Friday night, January 18.  Please visit that site or I will have to list all that show stuff on this page.

If you are not a Facebook person, but would like links to some of the information there, please let me know and I will be happy to share that with you.

I did include links to the show in Duluth that we all had a fine time pretending to attend. (Gosh, that was fun!) There’s a link to the exhibit catalog (impressive!) and a brief YouTube video on the exhibit as well (really impressive!) No wonder we had such a good time!

  1. .Bob Pum says:

    OK , . . . the Question is this , . . . Why haven ‘t the Brown Oak Leaves fallen from the Oak Trees ? Just ” Curious Bob” , . . . wondering and ” Perusal-Pondering ” the GB Downtown Photo ? WHY ? ? ? Ole Ret Prof-Pummer


    • The way I understand it, the GB City Council did not allocate sufficient funding to cover the relocation of the oak leaves from the trees to the ground and the Mayor refused to authorize any more to make up the shortfall, so those trees who had not lost their leaves were forced to keep them.
      And that’s just one more reason that I moved out to the Town of Scott. 🙂

  2. Leanne Cole says:

    I went to like it and I already do. Haha

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