Posted: February 6, 2013 in Blue, Details, Photography, Reflections, Water
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 Mother Nature works her deft brush using crisp temps, fragile ice and a brilliant blue morning sky.

wheeler island

It’s all in the wrist.

  1. Egle says:

    OOOoooh wonderful shot!

  2. richardhaas8 says:

    Love this shot but curious about the title? You have a natural eye for photography.

    • Thanks, Richard. I picked that title because I thought the branches and reflections looked like calligraphic brush strokes…but I used that image a few posts ago with geese in the sky. So I wanted to get close-but-not-exactly to that idea. Ink and wash artists strive for maximum expression with minimum lines and share many of the same tools and strokes as calligraphers.
      And I hope I got that right!

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