Interior shots, Milwaukee Art Museum.



Although I have multiple versions of this next shot sans people, a shout-out to the unknown art lover who popped into the frame uninvited. 


More serendipity:


I always think of this final work as the “Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice” piece…


…because I can (and do!) assume this stance in a heartbeat.

  1. Betsy (Thompson)Legg says:

    You made me smile. I am sure you were an excellent and fun teacher.

    Great shots.

  2. Gretchen Passmore says:

    I can see you doing the “don’t make me use my teacher voice” stance 🙂 Glad you got a chance to enjoy teaching again for a few days. Makes it lots more fun when it’s short term.

    • I think my sense of humor stalled out at the 8th grade boy level so it’s like returning to “my people.” However, you are so right: small chunks of time are perfect. I’m lolling about with my coffee this morning while my friends are stressing about getting grades entered into the computer before the cut-off time.

  3. You’ve made Calatrava’s museum interior far more appealing than anything I’ve seen to date.
    Nice shots, nice work.

  4. Jeanne Heuer says:

    The pop-up person is my fav.

  5. Barbara McClure-Lukens says:

    One of my favorite buildings– you caught its grace.

  6. lignumdraco says:

    I particularly like the perspective of the third photo. Its a wonderful photo.

  7. Jane Lurie says:

    These architectural shots are incredible! Love the pop-up – makes the image. What timing! Beautiful set.

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