Posted: March 29, 2013 in Details, Green Bay, Industrial, Photography, Wabi Sabi
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In another part of the Hundred Acre Warehouse Park:

While I was busy taking pictures of the Mayflower warehouse loading docks, I could hear something…maybe music? voices?…coming from behind the next building. Rounding the corner, I saw a large-but-tidy stockpile of concrete barriers, the kind used on the highway during construction.

That noise? Those barriers were singing my name at the top of their little concrete lungs.

I felt honor-bound to do some portrait work for them.




Is anyone else getting a Deathstar vibe from these pictures? I’m looking for rebel fighter ships to come screaming through here, guns a-blazing.

And for those who care about such things: these pictures were taken with my new ultra wide angle Sigma lens. I had the 17-85mm mounted on my old Rebel and did get some nice shots with that set-up, but the Sigma with the 7D just produces  brilliant results. As always, click on individual shots for larger view, better details.

N.B. This is Wabi Sabi Blogpost #100!

  1. Death Star definitely reverberates here.

  2. jlheuer says:

    Top one definitely fav. And yes, I just saw Luke go screaming by………….

  3. Marjorie says:

    You were hearing the pulsing of those reds and oranges, breathing life into the slabs, slight as they are, they spoke volumes to me. Nice touch.

  4. Tammy says:

    May the force be with you so you may bring us 100 more posts. Congrats!

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