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Bridge-Quest hits the road.  The same Fox River that moves through Green Bay on its way to Lake Michigan slices, dices and bisects Appleton.

 I’m ready to make multiple return trips just to explore the riverfront area. There are old mills–some still functioning, others repurposed–plus Lawrence University, restaurants, walking paths and trails lining the sides of the river.

And many, many bridges.




I think this is the Oneida Skyline bridge. I’m standing near Pullman’s and shooting up.

*****               *****          *****     *****

Back in December I did a series of door shots with at  least four of those doors coming from Kaukauna. On the return trip from Appleton, I stopped with the intention of revisiting a couple of the structures.

Oh NO! One whole corner of a truly incredible building has been ripped down. Two of the doors are just plain gone and two others are hidden behind construction fences.

Still reeling from the shock, I travelled a block over to see the wall o’ bricks that I photographed for my January 2 post: “She’s a Brick House.”


Any follow-up post will be titled  “Look What They’ve Done to My Song.”

brick house gone

“Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma
Well it’s the only thing I could do half right
And it’s turning out all wrong, Ma
Look what they’ve done to my song”

–Melanie Safka

  1. Jeanne Heuer says:

    Thus the importance of shooting them when you see them. It’s good that you documented those doors before their demise.

  2. Marjorie says:

    That’s the thing about Kaukauna. The Thilmany mill is in the process of coming down. A good thing is that the corner section will become the city’s library.

    Bridges in the Valley….so many of them, especially Neenah/Menesha area. Your middle bridge shot is one to gasp over. What is it about a central perspectival stance, looking up?

    • Re: looking up. It’s one of my favorite perspectives for the simple reason that we generally DON’T look up and so the commonplace can become extraordinary just by shifting your viewpoint.
      At any rate, that’s why I do it. I spend a lot of time watching the ground otherwise.

  3. The rust stains really bring the second shot to life. Also, sorry for the loss of that old brick building, but you’ve preserved it, possibly for eternity – far longer anyway than it would’ve lasted, untouched, on its own.

  4. The first shot is awesome……..

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