Posted: April 10, 2013 in Details, Photography, Wisconsin
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Or, Skunk Cabbage!


My friend Marjorie has a patch (colony? outpost? community?) of skunk cabbage in the Arboretum that she has monitored for many years. Sometimes she brings friends along on her annual visit to the plants.


We were a little late getting in this year and some of the plants show wear.  (Skunk cabbage provide food for the deer and are one of the only fresh plants poking up through the snow at winter’s end.)



I only kneeled in deer poop once while capturing these up close and personal shots.

  1. Marjorie says:

    Worth every indiscretion….. Oh the Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red, Cadmium and Sap Green that your lens sees, the magic of light. …and your composition of course. Interesting our choice of focus….interior vs. exterior

  2. Barbara McClure-Lukens says:

    A wonderful find despite the challenges of a late spring. Thank you Marjorie for the language of the colors.

  3. I have learned a great deal about the lowly skunk cabbage over the years from Marjorie, including the AMAZING fact that Skunk cabbage can generate temperatures that are high enough to melt the surrounding snow and frost, a process called thermogenesis.
    And, yes–thank you for putting magic names to the colors.

    • Anne says:

      Please send a truck load of skunk cabbage to Three Lakes. First, it is not white. Second, it is not white. Beyond that this thermogenesis is a phenomenon I would love to observe first hand as would the 23 deer who walked through my yard last night.

      • Twenty-three! Holy Mother of Pearl! Thank god they are lacking the opposable thumbs. It’s probably the only thing preventing them from grabbing pitchforks and storming your house!
        If it eases the pain, know that we went exploring on Sunday, with little or no snow, even in that part of the woods, but we’re under an icy blanket right now.

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