1. Karen Taylor says:

    Very clever. I get it!

  2. It’s almost alive.
    And now it has my curiosity working overtime: what’s this look like from above? In your last post the overpass seemed more like a railway overpass because of the design of the steel super-structure. Here, because of the highway signs above, it’s clearly a highway overpass. But why does it seem designed more like a railway bridge? What purpose does that wind turbine serve? Is there a lot of wind through there? Maybe I’ll never know, nor do I need to. The main thing is that it dances.

  3. oops…I was referring to the “Blue Flag Bridge” post.

  4. Forgive me–I am spending my days with 14-year-olds and they are pretty literal-minded, so I hear a question, I think I must answer a question. Very little in-depth musing occurs among my current people. I THINK this stretch is what they call the “Bridge to Nowhere” that follows the lakefront for a while. It is indeed the Blue Flag Bridge from the outside. Strangely enough, I have absolutely no memory of seeing that turbine except in this actual picture.

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