Posted: May 14, 2013 in Details, Photography, Reflections, Water, Wisconsin

Currently,  one of my faves.  Exposure corrected and cropped. That’s it.  A perfect storm of lighting, quiet water and incredible colors.

riverwalk relfect

***   ***   ***

Ahhhh….who says you always need techno-flash in the classroom? Today, the “Prologue to the Canterbury Tales” performed  in the original Old English–from memory,  no less!– was a home run.  That was hours ago and I’m still grinning. I wish you could have been there. (I don’t often recite the Canterbury Tales, but when I do…)

  1. Very nice. And, yes, my curiosity gropes…a grate?
    Ever consider posting a recording of that prologue?

    • Very little of what you see in the picture is actually “real”–maybe I should have called it Plato’s Cave Revisited. I’m under a bridge, so you are seeing the reflections of the underside of that structure plus a glimpse of a mirrored building up in the sun. Those are–what?–pylons? posts? concrete-somethings on the right.
      No recording–you need the whole drama-package with gestures to FULLY appreciate the moment!

  2. John says:

    Do you use sock puppets?

    Is there a video? Could be the viral hit of the week!

  3. Marjorie says:

    Applause, applause my friend. Requesting a reprise on our next walk. Applause for the image as well…superb!

  4. Jeanne Heuer says:

    Picture reminds of a loom and some beautiful ikat textiles. And next getogether….can we hear some old English?

  5. Karen Taylor says:

    Really pretty. The water is very interesting.

    Just beginning the pilgrimage today? I wish you a joyous journey.

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