I am currently crazy in love with this picture and would like to enter it in a juried show that is coming up soon…but I’d also like to enter a very powerful under-the-freeway black and white in that show as well. The two pictures do not pair well together.

renaissance full

I would not have this picture but for the persistence of friend Marjorie. We walked over to the farm-around-the-corner Sunday afternoon. I’d already sworn up and down that I would not enter any barn or tumbledown outbuilding no matter what,  yet….one “Oh, my! You must see this!” after another “Patricia, there are no spiders right here ” lured me, first to the doorway, then one tentative step at a time further into the tool shed until I was all the way in.

And, as long as I was in there, I decided I might as well take some pictures.

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Love the light and the textures, Patricia. The open cabinet door adds depth and interest.

  2. Dave Reinardy says:

    Wonderful light gradients and texture on predominantly flat surfaces. If you want to submit the under-the-freeway number as well, maybe tie the two photos together with a transitional third shot. A piece of old farm equipment with flowers in bright sunlight… (Or something less cliched, you get the idea).

  3. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    It is an old beauty. A collage of sorts look.

  4. jlheuer says:

    I’m glad Marjorie has become an enabler and a body guard. PS: You don’t have to enter your pieces as a pair. Just two separate works.

  5. Marjorie says:

    I love being the lure….and an enabler in the best of ways. When you’re in your camera mode, you don’t need a body guard but if you think so, I’m it. The fringe benefit is to find my own awe when I’m on one of your shoots. Remember it is you, Patricia, who lured me over there in the first place. Why else would I have this blue cow’s bowl on my drawing table, waiting for me to get out the drawing tools.

    • Okay, let’s face it: exploring is fun no matter how old we are. If we didn’t have cameras or paintbrushes we’d have to invent some other excuses.
      (But you’re so fearless in the face of spiders…)

  6. Barbara McClure-Lukens says:

    An evocative photo- I see it prefacing a book of poetry

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