Pleased (nay, thrilled!) as I am with this series of pictures, they weren’t enough to make it into a gallery show. That’s okay (well, it smarts just a wee) because they will find a home sooner or later.


I did a series of ten pictures, some pulling back to give the full effect of the stacked roadways and others highlighting grace notes of detail.


I chose to go with black and white, reasoning that pulling the color out frees those pictures from the moorings of time and place.  This could be Superman’s Metropolis in the 1940’s or the setting for Blade Runner. The sample shots I printed of each were done on a pearl metallic paper which actually supports both of those possibilities.


 Wherever or whenever the setting,  it’s construction on a scale that must render the viewer, who is standing on the ground below it all,  speechless.

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Great lines and angles. Love them in B&W.

  2. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    Breathless. I had no idea there was so much beauty under the construction. Thank you for exposing the greatness of these designs.

    • Thanks, Karen. What I find most disconcerting when I take pictures like this is to go back “up top” and drive. Somehow, to actually KNOW that I am poised high in the air above water or acres of concrete can have a mind-rattling effect on my perception of where I am or how firmly I am anchored in my space.

  3. Similarly: what grabs me is the awareness of the contrast of that hidden but high octane reality looming above all that powerfully expressionistic construction you’ve captured with these images.

    • Exactly. There are few if any vehicles visible from where I have taken these shots but there’s a loud and steady drone that my lizard brain interprets as Danger! Run away! Run away!
      I hold that part at bay as long as possible.

  4. Amazing images! I love these understructures…….

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