Posted: June 20, 2013 in Architecture, Deserted, Details, Industrial, Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan, Ore Docks, Photography, Shadows, Structures, Upper Michigan, Wabi Sabi

The Lower Dock, up close and personal. These are a mix of bright day and gray day shots, so there are wide fluctuations in color saturations between them, as well as shadows which are deep blue on the structure.


I thought at first that the red you can see inside the dock was the result of years of staining from the iron, but in these close-up pictures, it appears to be paint instead.


I’m slow to spend money on my camera habit ( frugal? thoughtful?) but I finally popped for an ND (neutral density) filter to fit my 17-85mm lens. I’d been mulling that purchase for months now (I said I’m slow) and I’d finally moved the idea to the shelf labeled “Continue to Mull.” However, on Thursday, I went to Camera Corner armed with my transitions lens glasses and asked for a filter that would do for my camera what the glasses do for my vision.  There is a learning curve involved, of course,  but the filter was attached to the lens all weekend and when I got it right, the results were wondermous.


I won’t be showing you the ones where I lost control of said filter and careened off the edge of the learning curve.

  1. Jeanne says:

    The top one looks like a cathedral with reverse buttresses.

  2. John says:

    I’ve really enjoyed these …. what a wonderful structure!

    ND filters are a bit of a challenge … they can make or break a photo, even with practice, though practice will definitely help. I mostly use just a UV filter these days — cuts down on the glare, and protects your lens.

    • Thank you, John. Now I’ve been wondering what it might look like after a blizzard!
      (I’m not sure I am brave enough to find out–I lived in Marquette for nearly 3 years and it is the only place where my eyelashes would routinely freeze together.)

      I was shooting a lot near the Lake and the ND was wonderful for that. Ditto shooting up into bright sky, but in less brilliantly-lit places, I think I lost crispness and detail.

  3. Marjorie Mau says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. Repeated forms: docks/abbey walls in ruin

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  4. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    If the Weather Channel can hit Marquette for a blizzard, so can my dedicated buddy and her driver that can plow the way if need be the case. I shall have a warm bed waiting for you. What a fun time. The photo’s are beautiful, and they do resemble a Japanese temple.

    • Well, you do have a Subaru and you’ve proven that you are an ace wheelman…
      Should the snow get too bad, your dogs can pull us out. Yes, Rudy is a Yorkie, but he has the heart of a husky.
      Wait till you see the other ore dock pictures. Not temple-like, but massive and brilliantly-colored.

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