Early Sunday morning.

The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, Ishpeming, Michigan. Abandoned mine site.

2013Jun15_Marquette Saturday_4595 as Smart Object-1

I will skip all of the National Geographic quality details of where we parked and how we labored through the woods and down a rocky path, skirting the mine property, rocking the chain link fence and trying to shoot through the barbed wire.


Halfway around the property, we popped through a hedge and onto a residential street.


The neighbors were not alarmed.  Maybe there is a rent in the fabric of the cosmos and crazy old women fall through the hedge on a regular basis.

(This is, after all, the U.P.)


Worked our way down the street, still shooting through and over the fence. And then… we abruptly turned a corner and the whole property was open to us. No fences. No barbed wire. Pavement right up to one of the shafts. A few pesky “No Trespassing ” signs that we naturally ignored.

2013Jun16_Ishpeming_4983To be continued!


  1. mobius faith says:

    Cool. Looking forward to the next post. I hear the weird things happen regularly in the U.P. so maybe there is a rent in the cosmos after all. 🙂

  2. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    Magnificent! They are glorious. You have brought them back to life. Great details and color.

  3. Nice example of classically inspired utilitarian architecture. Almost funerary?? Nice shots…far better than from Google’s roof mounted camera. Look forward to your follow up.

  4. I was up there in July…..I was at this mine…..it is quite interesting….I loved the imagery.

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