Ishpeming. Same abandoned mine. Different shaft.






  1. Marjorie says:

    Futuristic….supreme mystery. I can feel your heart beating at the promise.

  2. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    This building looks top heavy. It defies the laws of gravity. Nice shadows and lines.

  3. “Nothing personal; it’s just business.”

  4. John says:

    Happy Birthday! Embrace it … you can’t do anything to change it … and, besides, age is a number, it means little…

    Nice photos … Looks like some sort of Russian, Communist-era building.

    • Thanks, John! And thanks for reading the tag lines–they are my footnotes/side remarks/wise cracks which I more or less assume no one reads.
      This shaft seems sci fi alive–maybe because the top suggests a head.

  5. Tammy says:

    Happy Birthday! You are the youngest “old” lady I know, silly girl. Embrace the wisdom of your years, and mock all the young fools fumbling through life.
    These are great, I definitely got the Easter Island feel as well.

  6. sedge808 says:

    I want to see inside.

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