A pause from the world of ore docks and iron mines…

world flipped over

I celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend–one that forced me to admit I can’t fake it anymore. I really do belong to that OTHER age group now. For two months prior to the big day, I fretted about what it meant globally, personally and  cosmically.  I practiced saying my new age aloud to anyone who would listen. It was like I had Birthday-Specific Tourette’s. People skittered away from me in the grocery store.

I never ever imagined myself being this old. Seriously. Not ever, and I worry because as I continue to scooch down the demographic bench,  I am getting a lot closer to that other edge.

However, after a few weeks of making these spontaneous age announcements, it was obvious to even a self-obsessed  person such as myself that no one–no one!– gives a flying fiddle how old I am. 

That epiphany came packaged with the realization that I don’t actually care, either. I just thought I was supposed to.

The whole ACK! thing flipped over into a YES!

Bring it on!

(And if I can prove that I’m really okay, they will let me back into the grocery store.)

No fakery in the shot above. I flipped a reflection shot over for a different perspective.

  1. Jeanne says:

    We’re all in this together and that’s what makes it doable. Happy New Life Birthday.

  2. sedge808 says:

    this is sooooooooooooooooooo cool.

  3. Sherry says:

    Too deep for me tonight.
    Your “shallow” friend.

  4. mobius faith says:

    reflection shots are best flipped like this. Well done.
    Birthdays? hmmmm I stopped caring about them years ago when I realized that I had achieved a certain level of happiness in my life and it just didn’t matter any more. I just try to enjoy “the moment” not out of some sense that it’s passing all to quickly – but just because I can. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your life – it only gets more interesting.

    • Thanks on the picture comment and thanks for the other insights as well. Last time I freaked over a birthday I was 29–that seemed pretty symbolic. At this point, there really is a remarkable sense of freedom to follow what interests me and what I enjoy, as opposed to fulfilling obligations. And, like you, I try to practice mindfulness: right here, right now, this is good. It works.

  5. (You don’t need to prove it.) More important it is to make friends with that person who keeps staring through the mirror.

    • I try to practice the same selective vision on her that I do with others: I see the exterior but don’t linger there–that’s just packaging for the rich interior. The trick, as you said, is to extend that kindness to ourselves.

  6. Your flipped shot is a nice metaphor.

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