My friend, Jean,  lives on five acres that she and her husband purchased in the 70’s in the Town of Pella. That included, until relatively recently, a massive barn that was,  in its heyday,  the Taj Mahal of all the barns in the county. I’ve seen pictures of the structure, but all that stands today is the foundation.

20130703_Harper FarmII_0207

20130703_Harper FarmII_0205

Yesterday’s post was from the interior of the barn. I really thought you’d like to see the big picture of these magnificent remains, so that subsequent posts of windows and stonework and arches could be placed in context.

20130703_Harper FarmII_0189

20130703_Harper FarmII_0132

20130703_Harper Farm_0049

As always, I encourage you to click on individual images for the enlarged versions.

 Jean:  Feel free to insert commentary and/or corrections. I should have taken notes when you were telling me about the history of the barn.

  1. John says:

    What a great place!!!!!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Beautiful. Not so unlike abbey ruins I witnessed in Whitby, UK recently

  3. mobius faith says:

    Wow, So lucky to have this one one’s property. Looks like a great location for a summer garden party. Hard to believe this was a barn (except for the silo in the background). Very cool.

    • That’s Jean’s fantasy as well–long tables with white linen. If you could speak “barn”–which I can’t–the various configurations and levels of the floor would tell you how it was set up and worked when the building was fully functional.

  4. Jeanne says:

    The last shot looks right out of the fantasy book I just finished. I can hardly believe I was standing in the same place as you.

    • Far back corner where the fat black bumblebees were humming while they worked.

      Roll the bumblebees, your comment and Marjorie’s together and we have the spirits of an ancient order of monks chanting as they work the fields.

  5. Jean says:

    Thank you all for the lovely comments about my/our barn. When we bought the 5 acre bit of the old late 1800 farmstead in 1980, the barn was the selling point (albeit a major crack in the back wall and roof end). It has so many fond memories and secrets (just ask my kids). But now with just it’s feet left to speak to us, we have to listen closely… as Patricia has done so wonderfully.

    • If you have any digital scans of the standing barn, you could send me one and I would be delighted to post.
      Jean–I could make a career of just photographing the barn, Bill’s woodpiles and your other outbuildings. When that flagged, I could move into your studios for more. I am so happy that you were not only generous enough to share your space, but also breakfast, lunch and unlimited coffee!

  6. There’s still life there. I can almost hear it saying: “I’ve still got a lot more to go but I need a hand.”

  7. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    This was a very magical place to be seen.

  8. I’m thinking that my friend Jean should rent out her barn foundation to photographers. I’ll bet we’d all see different things. (Speaking of which, check out my post from June 12. I was looking at your archives and we have both done the same scene. Amazing location, isn’t it?)

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