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More from the barn in Pella: A stunning door that deserves a post all its own.

Please scroll to the end of this post to see what the whole barn once looked  like–Jean was kind enough to send a picture today.

red door3

red door5

red door4

red door2

red door1

And now…The Barn!

jeans barn

  1. Anne says:

    ….and even with all the hard work of it …they knew

  2. Karen Hupp Taylor says:

    That is stellar.

  3. Then: it was what it was; now, memory moved by imagination; next..?
    (love the remnants of red on aging wood door teamed up with the stone and poured concrete saying, “I can’t keep you out anymore, so welcome.”)

  4. Great colors and composition.

      • We seem to be drawn to similar subjects and I find that inspiring…..not in a competitive way….or even validating……just simply that someone else shares inspiration from a scene or object…..and the results though different……do whisper a collective connection…..

    • I think so–and I know what you mean–though it is sometimes startling to see an image you think of as “yours” captured by someone else. Ultimately, the part about a “collective connection” is right–we share an “ah!” moment whether we are the photographer or the audience.

      • I agree. I think when ever you see “that” image, the one in which you have passed by, gazed at, and studied……pondered for a moment or month….or a year…..after you’ve captured it and then you see another photographers vision of as you put it…….”your image”……it always gives me pause……

        When I first saw your Monday, Monday series of images…..I was moved. I too pondered how another photographer had captured a type of structure I have been always drawn to…..”Bridges”……and while I drool over that last image with a bit of envy…..I relish far more in the “collective connection”……

    • I had a really long response to that part of your comment on image ownership, but it was turning into an essay. Oops. So, without filler, I’ll just say that I think that when we create something, we take ownership of the scene or subject and it’s odd to see someone else messing with our “stuff!” Even though it is perfectly reasonable that they do so. Highways, overpasses, bridges–they make me gasp. So…We’re not under the same bridges, but whatever music they are making, we are both hearing that song–that “collective connection.”

      • I would love to read your “essay”…….maybe you could email me it. This discussion is amazing and I love your thoughts as well as your images. Us being from what I predict to be the same generation and having a connection in era and vision; always begs to reveal the opportunity to embrace our differences and similarities…….

  5. richardhaas8 says:

    Loved them all, but the “Snowscape” just sums up what winter is all about, Great composition and exposure……..not easy to do with a snow shot.
    Thanks for sharing.

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