Moving away from the street side, public face of the orphanage to the back side of the building: less ornate, more utilitarian.

Less scary.



The plywood has weathered to an exotic tribal pattern. I like it.



Of all the shots I took of the orphanage, this last is my favorite. Family portrait? Urban life? There’s that, but I also like how all the shapes line up and balance, with the pigeons being a pure bonus.



Kathy, from The Copper Llama Farm, sent me a really nice note about my post earlier this week that featured her “gals.” The llama with the multi-colored hair is “Confetti” and the Renaissance beauty is named “Vanilla Chai.” Had I been consulted, my vote would have been for “Lucrezia.”

Am I the only person who thinks “Dolly” would be an outstanding name for a llama? Or, are you all thinking it but afraid to say it out loud?

  1. Marjorie says:

    The final image makes for a strong contemporary painting, pop culture statement intact. Surely competition material, Patricia!

  2. Karen Taylor says:

    So much going on in these pictures. A symphony of lines, textures, designs, and colors. The pigeons add a bit of Hitchcock to the assemblage.

    • Oooh…well-said. You were there–the pigeons were keeping a close eye on us…as they were at the abandoned mine, as they were at the abandoned warehouse. I think they–the pigeon network– had distributed pictures of us around Marquette county!

  3. trippybeth says:

    oooohhhhhh…. any opportunity to get inside????

  4. I heard from Gaela via email–she and Tom nicknamed a llama they often saw “Mama Llama Ding Dong.”

  5. kenkiz says:

    une belle serie sur cet empilement de briques agrémentés de panneaux de contreplaqué …………..

  6. Jeanne says:

    That last one really does have a lot going on….Death…..Jesus Saves…….Doves giving you the evil eye.

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