Delight can be in the details. With that in mind, I packed my “nifty 50” for our adventure at camp and was not disappointed.




This next one reminds me of the simple abstract Buddha symbol used by Shambhala Press:



And, of course, no deer camp would be complete without these:


I didn’t bring my big camera out in the fields, so I will have to rely on memories of the endless purple and gold waves of wildflowers, clouds of orange butterflies, vast tracts of raspberries and the perfumes of both summer woods and deep black muddy swamps. No electricity or Wi-Fi at camp, but gas-power, a generator, a pump and some big honking batteries. As I settled into my bunk on Saturday night, I was roughing it, yes, but the Messrs. iPod and Kindle (with additional support provided by my Argentinian friend, Sr. Malbec ) meant I could drift off to sleep listening to Dave Brubeck and reading Elmore Leonard and reflecting that moments of genuine bone-deep happiness can come in the most unexpected places.

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Wonderful details and textures.

    Tag: Yes, I wandered in because of the post title.

  2. Marjorie says:

    “There lives the dearest freshness deep down things”

    • When I was a college freshman, Gerard Manley Hopkins was the bane of my intro to poetry course–my cross to bear with much grumbling. I just reread this poem and it’s obvious now that I was just not ready for him when I was 18.
      Thanks, Marjorie.

  3. richardhaas8 says:

    So simple and yet so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    Nice! You have a great eye for the beauty in things others might not even notice.

    • Thank you, Karen. It was such a fine time and I am still smiling.
      (Do you think your husband might like a tasteful set of these prints for his birthday? I could create a nice series of all-occasion cards for him. “Greetings From Camp.”)
      Or maybe not, huh?

  5. YES!……….as you said……”Delight can be in the details”……..I love #4 & #5…….details….details……*sigh*…….we see things so much the same…….I love #4 so much……I wanna reach out and pull it……”just for grins”

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