Posted: August 26, 2013 in Architecture, Bricks, Deserted, Details, Doors, Negaunee, Photography, Rust, Upper Michigan, Wabi Sabi, Windows

Last post was approaching The Rustaliscious Resale and Architectural Oddities Shop from the left and now this building is just to the RIGHT of that shop.  I don’t remember the real street name, but I think it should be Wabi Sabi Way.





In three days of questing and snooping and perhaps a certain degree of trespassing (shhhhh!) Karen and I were questioned only once as to what we were doing and that was behind this building. A friendly guy in his 20’s with the air of a co-conspirator said “Taking pictures for the judge?”

I smiled. Karen winked. We kept shooting.

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

  2. I love the tonal intensity of these images as much as the composition…….”red” doors always capture my attention….red’s and gray’s always are a great visual melding that I seem to be drawn too……I know much of what we as photographers or chronicler’s of imagery try to express, centers around the pose or composition of an image, but many times it’s the color’s, like those chosen by a painter……that draws us in and allows us to feel that moment……that we attempted to capture through the lens…….many times anticipating but never truly realizing the amazing nature of the image until we see it post capture…..again as always….great work Wabi……*sigh*

    • Thank you, wgp–I will freely admit that I seek out red, though sometimes I don’t actually find it…much like those ubiquitous pigeons…until I am processing. I always assume that what we see and incorporate into a shot comes from multiple levels of awareness–we sort out the individual strands later.

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