A most lovely warehouse in Marquette.


Now, why did Wabi Sabi crop that first picture so awkwardly?

Ohhh….I get it.





At the end of the school year, I declared up down and sideways that I was done working forever…probably…no, really…that’s it…unless, of course…but, no. I was offered a full time job for this school year and I declined…and then was offered it and declined a second time. Somehow, this message got lost in the cosmos, because HR (and they are nice people) was under the impression that I was working this fall. All the student schedules and class lists bear my name. Oops. So,  I will work the first two weeks of school while a suitable candidate is interviewed and hired, then hand the reins to the new teacher. Godspeed.

I’m feeling guilty, a plucker of low-hanging fruit. The first two weeks of the year are the sweetest, akin to that magical time when you are falling in love. Everyone is excited, wanting to impress and ready to make things work.  We all smile extra widely and say “Excuse me” even if we don’t mean it. Most folks smell passably good. Ahead of us stretches 10 months of hope, blue skies and infinite possibilities..  The first time Little Zeke lets fly with a monster belch, it’s pretty funny.

We haven’t had a chance to disappoint each other yet.The fourteenth time Zeke belches, I will pin his ears to the wall. When Robin realizes that late work doesn’t count…no, seriously…that’s a zero…, she will stomp back to her desk and add me to the list of people she hates. Some folks won’t shower again till Halloween.

But the first two weeks? They are grand.

I know me so well. On Tuesday afternoon, I will be in love.

  1. Not sure which grabbed my imagination most, that third image or your ode to the first two weeks of school.

  2. The third image…..a blend of whites and grays….peeling paint……wood and brick….and of course that red object……the red object that always begs for attention….*sigh*

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