I have a perfect “school bus in fog” picture in my head, and while I like these four–I haven’t taken that absolutely perfect one yet.

Maybe that’s my photographer’s version of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave : somewhere, there exists an ideal yellow school bus picture. It’s sitting next to the ideal chair and the ideal table…and maybe the perfect pair of jeans. These are but poor copies or shadows of it. (Note to self: review Plato’s original text. Intro to Humanities was a very long time ago and that business about the perfect jeans might be something that I added.)

Although…I do like this next shot a lot.


 I so seldom have people in any of my pictures, it just might be the novelty of it all. (“Hey, you kids! Get out of my picture!”)


And then there is the matter of where to position myself for optimum effectiveness. Middle of the road would be ideal and I did run out a few times, but I was just a little nervous about being flattened by a black SUV with its lights off.

Or ending up on the grill of a bus.


Thinking about it now, standing in wet grass on the side of a country road in dense pre-dawn fog wasn’t probably a great idea either.

Maybe there exists an ideal photographer as well, sitting on the ideal chair at the ideal table.

Waiting sensibly for the fog to lift.

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Hmm, standing in wet grass, during a fog, and snapping children and school buses. Anyone other than teacher and you’d be arrested. And running onto the middle of the road in fog to get a photo?

    Stay right where you are. If men in blue don’t come for you, then the men in white coats surely will. 🙂

    • You know, I did think about that–this isn’t my old school and no one knows me, so I waved–a lot!- to all the bus drivers. I will say that this is one case where being a woman probably removes the freaky factor.

      But, you’re right. I’ll just wait for those guys over here in the grass. 🙂

  2. Karen Taylor says:

    And you wonder why you have an ear infection? I really like the last shot.

  3. richardhaas8 says:

    Having been a school bus driver while I was going to college I can really identify with these shots.
    I remember driving up to these huge snow banks (Milwaukee) in the early morning and there would be this little bitty child just waiting for me to get her safely to school. Ah yes, that;s where I realized what responsibility was all about,
    Thanks for memories and the great shots. I can’t wait to see the ” perfect shot”

    • I can tell you that as much as fog or snow disturb me as a driver, I would be…literally…unable to shoulder the responsibility of getting kids through that safely every day. You’ve painted such a cool image of you, your bus, snow banks and the small person with words…you need to take up painting with brushes and put that on canvas.
      Thanks, Richard.

      • richardhaas8 says:

        I spent a lot of years with a paintbrush, trying to slap the canvas into submission. And while I have a fan or two, for the most part it didn’t bring me the satisfaction that photography does.
        Giving up painting left me with photography and songwriting, and that’s been more than enough to keep my creative urges in line.
        You are pretty handy with the words yourself………do I ask you to paint?

    • Point taken…truth is, I see so many of my photos as paintings and I wish I could add painting to my skill set, but I think that ship has sailed. 🙂

  4. Pépé le Moko says:

    love the lights in the third shot…doing just what they are suppose to do….looking precisely like they don’t belong The play of the cool vigilant calculated functional elements outside vs. the warm waking random casual environment inside is high drama but so ordinary that it’s almost never seen. It is after all an extraordinary execution – one that Richard ( comment above) so aptly stated.

    • Thank you, Pépé le Moko. (Where have you been?) I really really like your description of the exterior versus interior functions.
      The trio of buses are full of kids and parked behind Holy Mother of Pearl on the corner, waiting for a teacher to come out and shepherd the kids into school. While they have delivered the kids safely, they still aren’t going to turn their charges loose until that guardian steps out of the school.

  5. Yes to Pepe’s comments…profound. As for your “ideal photo” there is something quintessential about the way you’ve captured “off to school”. What I’m also getting is the sense of a kind of portal to something beyond.

    • I like the picture with the girls–it’s straight-forward “off to school” as you said. But the last one? I’ve never put my child on a bus and watched it disappear into the fog. It feels like huge statement about faith in both the bus driver and the universe!

  6. Jeanne says:

    Yeah! I can see your pictures again. Text came through in China but all pics were non -existent. I also was going to praise #3. We had this fog at the Great Wall. Wish it had lights.

  7. Kathie says:

    Love the last picture — it is so Wisconsin. The patches in the road and the green grass drying up next to it with the yellow bus on its way with our bright young kids on board. I always wanted to ride a yellow bus to school and never had the opportunity — so as a youngin, I just watched as they took the public school kids to school and how lucky they were to have a place on the yellow bus!!

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