CR 510 passes through the Huron Mountains in Marquette County, Michigan. Today’s post features the original CR 510 Bridge spanning the Dead River.  The bridge opened in 1921 and closed to traffic in 2010. Friend Karen scouted this location ahead of time and I am most grateful.


Holy Zow! I drove to Marquette this week and the drive was exhilarating.  Fall color, which has pretty much pooped-out by an hour north of Green Bay, rebounded again as I entered the Huron Mountain range. As the road became increasingly more hilly and I was making the up/down climb into Marquette,  trees ramped up their drama until I found myself flying through a full-tilt carnival of colors and began to wonder if I’d somehow sailed right into a “Yes! Michigan!” calendar.


Enjoy a shot of pure full-on autumnal glory and I will give you some background history on the bridge in my next post.

brd2It goes without saying that I’ll have to climb under there, right?

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Lovely colours. I had to look up Dead River in Michigan but couldn’t find an explanation for this unusual river name.

  2. Beautiful colors and an awesome bridge!

  3. andykidd says:

    This looks a lot safer to climb under than that sagging one!

  4. Fantastic bridge. Equally fantastic landscape, colors.

  5. .Bob Pum says:

    The Images are ” Cool and AESTHETIC ” ! Thank you Pat !

    Ole Art-Prof-Ret, BOB


  6. Gretchen Passmore says:

    Great pics! Since you love bridges, I highly recommend a trip to Madison County, Iowa sometime. There are some lovely covered bridges there.

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