New CR 510 bridge spanning the Dead River in Marquette County.

new bridge1

This version of the bridge is 532 feet long, stands 100 feet above the water and was opened in 2010 with a price tag of just under 7 million dollars.  In contrast, the old CR510 is 10 feet above the river and was built for a whopping $80,000. (I know: both a dollar and a foot went a lot farther then, right?)

If you look at the second picture in the post from October 12 , you can get a glimpse of the new bridge on the far right of that frame.

new bridge2

We made a valiant effort to climb all the way to the river, but about 3/4 of the way down, the slope turned vertical and we nixed the idea of battling to the bottom.

It is incredibly windy on the bridge. I don’t travel with a tripod (Bad Wabi Sabi! Go wait in the car!) and one would have made a huge difference in the shots I took from the top.

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Wow! These are great! That slope was for goats, not old goats. Before we turn into Auntie Mame for our grandchildren, I believe we might want to invest into some serious life insurance. Great fun and beauteous pictures. Can’t wait for our next big adventure.

  2. richardhaas8 says:

    Alas, no where near the class of the old bridge. And, yes, it is hard to get used to having a tripod at all times…………but I am getting where I have one when I go out in the evening or when its dark.

    Nice shots………………….

  3. There’s something important to be said about traveling slow and close to the ground. The “get where you’re going as quickly as possible” method is a fast-forward through life.

  4. sedge808 says:

    Autumn colours + bridge

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