Sunday morning in downtown Brussels, Wisconsin.





Judging by these pictures, Brussels appears to be closed on Sundays, but that’s not so. The diner downtown that advertises itself as the “Home of the Original Hash Brown Sandwich” was doing a booming after-Mass business. I have seen that dish with my very own eyes and I can tell you that there is much butter and gravy and…I think… cheese involved on a boundless field of potatoes. I do know they also claim their sandwich as “The World’s Largest Hash Brown Sandwich.”

As I typed those words and recalled the sight of that world-famous offering, I felt two minor arteries seize up. Must go mainline some statins now.

  1. sedge808 says:

    Love these.
    All boarded up.

  2. Elegant, but I wonder what secrets lurk behind those padlocked shutters? Perhaps an answer to that burning question of why someone strived for the world’s largest hash brown sandwich.

    • And succeeded…the Hash Brown Sandwich is a well-known dish in those parts.
      Winters are long here, Warren, and we need to fuel up to be ready for deadly blizzards and month-long stretches of mind-numbing cold.
      Myself, I prefer second helpings of dessert.

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Could it be the infamous Mr. potato Head behind those walls? Very nice.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    “It’s a nice day for a white window” would have been a nice title. 🙂

    So Brussels Wisconsin is the cardiovascular disease capital of the US?

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