Details from Monday’s site.



Are you loving the stars?

The Vermillion River wanders slowly along the entire backside of the complex.  I’m guessing that this whole multi-level, multi-color scattershot design extravaganza began simply with a mill built at exactly this spot.




  1. andykidd says:

    Magic colours / hues

  2. sedge808 says:

    Awesome photo. Magic place.

  3. This is a pretty magnificent location/building. I’ve been to and photographed several times; it’s always different (live in Red Wing to the South). Great shots; you’ve captured its essence well.

    • Thanks, Dan. We left the highway in search of random bridges (seemed like a logical place) and saw this huge multi-colored building in the distance. Yowza! If I lived in the area, I too would be drawn back often for more shots.
      (The abandoned Mirro factory in Manitowoc drew me like a moth to a flame for years until they chain-linked it off.)

  4. I love these pictures! Fantastic!

  5. Wonderful colors; also: there’s something organic about the way the stonework ascends and merges with the upper brick; very romantic, the whole thing. (And all that for flour.)

  6. Lignum Draco says:

    Lovely shots. I like the pastel nature of the colours.

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